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As a writer for HubSpot’s website blog, I’ve reviewed many websites for inspiration and checked how they adhered to good design principles. There are a couple of things to look out for with any website: Visual appeal, user accessibility, effective CTAs, and more.

virtual assistant examples; woman on phone with calculator and piggy bank

I’m going to look at some virtual assistant (VA) websites to see how they stack up and what you can take away for your own website for inspiration. Because hiring a virtual assistant can be such a personal business decision, it’s important to be smart about how you’re presenting yourself to potential clients.

If you want to build your own virtual assistant website, here are 30 examples.

1. Miss Delaney J

miss delaney J virtual assistant website example & freelance coordinator for wedding planners photographers and creatives

What we like: Miss Delaney J’s website instantly captured my attention with a full-page background image. Miss Delaney J is sitting in a casual yet professional pose to communicate that she will give your business the professional attention it deserves with the personalized touch it needs.

The CTA ‘Work with me’ is tucked away in between different menu options and doesn’t do a good job of standing out. Not placing the CTA under the short description on the left side of the image is a missed opportunity.

This website tells you everything you need to know about Miss Delaney Jane’s services, all packaged in a comforting background utilizing green as its primary color. My one gripe is that the text blends into the page since it’s on a darker part of the image. A lighter color would help the text pop to the eye.

Miss Delaney’s website excels at telling her story through her effective use of copywriting. The website could improve by including social proof of past projects and/or positive reviews from happy customers.

2. Livemore Creative Studio

live more creative studio virtual assistant website example, woman hanging from hammock

What we like: Livemore Creative Studio instantly grabs your attention with its powerful message, “Do Less. Live More.” The visuals are effective, the One Page website is easy to navigate, and the copywriting is effective.

Let’s dive into each in more detail. It’s hard to beat a website that only requires you to scroll. The CTA is strategically placed in the middle of the website but curiously leads to another page when there’s already a spot to schedule if you scroll down far enough. This website’s navigation could easily jump to a 10 with some jump links so that customers can quickly access the part of the website they’re looking for.

Everything about this website is beautifully designed. The effective use of whitespace between the CTA, the message, and the Header elegantly directs customers to schedule a time to work with Livemore Creative Studio.

The social proof at the bottom of the website fosters trust effectively with new prospective customers. I’d like to see more testimonials and sample projects, but the overall effort is there and does the job well. Livemore Studio delivers all aspects of a good website. There is marginal room for improvement in certain areas, but this is overall a great example to take inspiration from.

3. Kara Cahill

kara cahill virtual assistant website example for social media management

What we like: Kara Cahill has a fun, organized website that is all-around effective with many positives to take away. I love how this website is organized. There are five sections right in the center of the page under the header where users can easily spot it. The CTA also contrasts well against the background color while giving instant value to the reader and serves as a good incentive to sign up for the website newsletter.

I have almost no complaints about the visuals on this website. The CTA contrasts against the background, as mentioned. There’s an image paired with every body of text and engaging visuals every step as you scroll down. One thing this website is missing is a favicon to increase brand recognition.

While there is no social proof from happy customers on this website, Kara Cahill features a blog. Blogs are an underutilized resource for many websites, especially considering you can build a blog in seconds. Kara’s blog further cements her as an expert on social media management and remote work.

4. Loran Elise Collective

loran Elise collective virtual assistant website example for tech, systems, and operations strategy

What we like: Loran Elise’s website is centered around helping women-led businesses. The engaging visuals, amazing navigation, and amazing social proof make this my favorite website so far.

There’s a CTA jump link that leads you down the page. Each click on the menu offers more options for a blog, podcast, service information, and more. Loran Elise’s website has plenty of information without being overwhelming.

The moving images are engaging, each text box is paired with an image and holds its own place on the page, the graphics are beautifully made, and there’s effective use of contrast all over the page.

Loran Elise’s website is by far the best at cultivating trust among prospective customers. She has a podcast, a blog, social proof statistics of successful ventures, and a ‘coming soon’ area for customer testimonials. This is the perfect example of showing your website visitors that you are an expert in what you’re talking about.

Everything about this website exudes professionalism. The design is immaculate. There’s a multifaceted approach to delivering content and even an in-built community for those who want a support system when building a business. A favicon would make this website perfect.

5. Tortoise & Hare

tortoise & hare home page virtual assistant website example with video background

What we like: Tortoise & Hare’s website uses a primarily black-and-white color palette to highlight its company message and CTA. This is also the first website on this list to utilize a video background to add a more personal touch. Given that the company’s message is building customer relationships, this is a good way to subtly embody that message.

I love how well done the CTA is on this website. As I mentioned, the black-and-white color palette lets Tortoise & Hare emphasize the ‘contact’ CTA and the action message ‘we help you run it.’ Overall, this is a good example of using a simple template to create an elegant website. The best part? This website was built with CMS Hub, meaning you can create a website just like this one in minutes.

6. Jeca Martinez

jeca martinez social media manager virtual assistant website example

What we like: Jeca Martinez is a personal virtual assistant offering services for social media management, video creation, and GIF animation. This website is a solid example of how to build a portfolio website. Jeca uses this website to show examples of her past work so that businesses know she’s a reliable partner to work with.

The bright colors on the website are done tastefully through an effective use of whitespace. Each header has a purpose and takes visitors through a journey.

This website is a wonderful template for how you can build out a portfolio website. The homepage says that Jeca is a social media manager, video creator, and GIF animator. Scrolling down takes you through real-world examples of Jeca performing these roles admirably.

I especially love the creative use of a phone display to show IG reels and TikTok videos. The subtle social media icons in the top right next to an effective CTA ‘hire me’ solidify this website as a masterclass in how to present yourself.

7. Byte Bodega

byte bodega business management agency virtual assistant website example

What we like: Byte Bodega is another business management agency run by Chynna Benton. The website is well-made and clearly professionally done but features a picture of Chynna herself enjoying a sprinkled donut. This is a great way to show personality and is a subtle reminder to visitors that you’re working with a real person, not some faceless corporation.

This website is so clean. Once again, notice how the CTA is effectively contrasted with the white background. Scrolling down takes you through your own story of running your own business. The good and the bad. As a prospective customer, this makes me feel understood, and if I were to work with Chynna, it’d be because I’m working with someone who knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

8. Samantha Alice

samantha alice virtual assistant website example for event management and small business marketing

What we like: Samantha Alice’s website says it all regarding her virtual assistant services. Despite the lack of a background picture or video like some of the other websites on this list, there is still that personal touch and visual appeal. This just shows that you don’t always need to have fancy visuals to create an effective website.

This website is a good example of how to do more with less. The homepage uses complementary colors with an effective use of whitespace to emphasize the text. My only note here is to emphasize the ‘contact me’ CTA in the top right corner by using a background box like some of the other examples in this list.

9. Sarah Fletcher

sarah fletcher virtual assistant website example

What we like: Sarah Fletcher’s website takes a thematic approach to its website design. Many people looking to hire a virtual assistant are looking to save time in their busy schedules. This website shows an apt understanding of its target audience by tapping into that business need and emphasizing it through text and imagery.

This website checks all of the boxes I’ve outlined so far. There’s an effective use of whitespace, and the CTA in the top right corner is attention-grabbing. I like this website as an example for anyone looking to create a simple website from a technical standpoint with good design principles.

10. Salma Sheriff

salma sheriff virtual assistant website example

What we like: Salma Sheriff’s website has a great interactive website homepage design. You can click on the mock tablet to sift through different examples. The bright orange sticker keeps changing, and there is a healthy number of testimonials and social proof of successful ventures.

Simply put, this website is beautifully designed. Salma is clearly an experienced web designer, and she doesn’t just use copywriting or testimonials to show this. She also effectively uses visuals to display past examples of her work and to offer her services. This is another great website for showing your past work, not just telling web visitors about it.

11. Rad Virtual Solutions

rad virtual assistant website example

What we like: Rad Virtual Solutions is a clean and engaging website. The variety in font use makes you want to stay and read through the different parts of the website without being over the top. If you scroll down, you’ll be met with more aesthetically pleasing visuals that you can interact with for more information.

This is a great website to showcase what’s possible in Webflow for free. You don’t need to pay premium prices for a custom domain to have a premium website. There’s a lot of balance on this website: It’s simple without being basic, stylish without being extreme, and just an overall clean and modern design.

12. Pepper Virtual Assistant

Pepper virtual assistant website example

What we like: Unlike other examples on this list so far, Pepper is an agency website that connects customers with virtual assistants. You can see how this changes the design approach to be less personal and more professional. The appeal of using a website like this would be the safety of working through a bigger business (the Uber model) at the cost of that personal touch. So, it’s important to consider that difference when reviewing the design.

I like how this website has clear social media icons on the left as a way to follow the business, as well as a clear ‘get started’ CTA button in the center of the page. The blue colors exude a friendly yet professional energy, so you know you’re working with a reliable business. The web design does feel less modern than some of the other examples on this list, but it gets the job done.

13. Lauren Taylar

lauren taylar virtual assistant website example

What we like: Lauren Taylar’s website uses a subdued palette to convey a warm and friendly yet professional message to her potential customers. Her homepage displays the fun side of Lauren’s personality with a picture of her holding a disco ball while also effectively showing off her services through copy and glowing customer reviews.

I like how effectively Lauren’s website shows her services and how the background images complement the website’s colors. The green CTA matches Lauren’s dress next to her ‘about me’ section and the shiny disco ball matches her tank top and is complemented by the white background. I also love the images of podcasts she’s been featured on and publication logos she’s worked with. This is an excellent way to show social proof of past ventures.

14. Courtney Weimer

courtney weimer virtual assistant website example

What we like: Courtney Weimer’s website has strong design principles but uses them to create a unique reflection of her services and personality. The use of Polaroids adds a personal touch with a little bit of flair. The visuals behind the different categories (content creation, graphic design, hashtag research, content planning) all make you want to click and see more.

This website once again ticks all the boxes. Effective whitespace, engaging visuals, and plenty of content to keep visitors engaged. Take special note of the CTA because while every other good use of a CTA involves a background text color, this CTA is simply bolded. And it still works. This is because it’s contrasted against the whitespace background and part of a group of categories in the top center of the page.

15. Wing Assistant

wing assistant virtual assistant website example

What we like: Wing Assistant is an agency built to connect people with the right virtual assistant for their business needs. By using its services, you won’t have to worry about just winging your business.

Bad puns aside, this website uses a similar professional blue color palette to Pepper Virtual Assistants from earlier. The white and blue color scheme is popular among big companies — think Facebook, Twitter, American Express, etc.

There’s not much to critique about this website. Because it’s professionally done, you can expect all the important elements to be taken care of. The ‘CTA’ inside the white box in the top right could stand out better against the already light background, but there’s good social proof with the 4.8-star review, images detailing services, pricing, and more.

16. FreeUp

freeup virtual assistant website example

What we like: FreeUp is another agency and another great example of a website with a blue-and-white color palette. The orange CTA is a good way to contrast against the dark blue website. Scrolling down takes you to some real customer reviews, FAQs, and a neat little graphic that takes you through the entire hiring process.

Like some of the other agency websites on this list, FreeUp trades personality for professionalism. It effectively conveys to customers that its services are reliable and trustworthy.

17. Lemon & Lime

lemon and lime digital virtual assistant website example

What we like: Lemon and Lime Digital is the first agency listed to stray away from the blue-and-white color palette. Instead, it opts to go all-in on the lemon and lime aesthetic. This site is a little more old-school in its design but still does a solid job of adhering to good design principles. There are good examples of social proof with customer testimonials, brand logos, and magazines that the company has worked with.

18. Two Trees PPC

two trees ppc virtual assistant website example

What we like: The Two Trees PPC website is clean, professional, and aesthetically pleasing, all befitting of an agency. It properly displays all of the business services and an ‘about me’ section to add some personality and pleasing aesthetics.

The simple green, black, and white color palette allows Two Trees to highlight its CTA ‘Get Quote’ on the homepage. There’s effective whitespace, social proof with brand logos Two Trees has collaborated with, and CTAs to pair with every text box and image. The takeaway from Two Trees’ web design is that you should find meaningful ways to engage with your audience wherever possible.

19. Marge Aberasturi

marge aberasturi virtual assistant website example

What we like: Marge Aberasturi’s website is a good example of what you can do with WordPress to create a simple yet effective homepage. There aren’t any fancy visuals, but there’s effective use of whitespace, and the website is organized well with the menu header at the top.

Marge’s website has a good color palette with an indigo background and yellow CTAs that effectively contrast against each other, encouraging you, as the visitor, to click. Design-wise, the sharp corners for each image box could be swapped out with rounded corners to give the page a more friendly feel.

I would also like it if the visuals were swapped out with more personalized images, like some of the other examples on this list. Since this is a website for a personal virtual assistant rather than an agency, that personal touch can really help clients feel more connected to you.

20. Blue Umbrella

blue umbrella virtual assistant website example

What we like: Blue Umbrella is a UK-based virtual assistant agency that works to grow client businesses. The website uses a blue-yellow-white color palette to exude a professional and friendly experience to potential clients. It also uses a simple navigation header at the top, with a CTA in the menu bar.

Blue Umbrella’s website is another good example of how to structure a business of virtual assistants. I like how it leans into the umbrella imagery and how the CTA contrasts against the background with a complementary color (yellow) that still stands out. I would like it if the imagery was more personalized than stock images, as that can help make the brand feel more approachable.

21. Bridgett Jones

Bridgette Jones PMP virtual assistant website example

What we like: Bridgette Jones is a project management virtual assistant service for religious businesses. The website's color scheme uses yellow and white as its primary colors, with navy to support and contrast.

This website is simple, but it does a good job of getting its message across well. Bridgette’s website seems more geared towards explaining the value of a virtual assistant, specifically her services.

Strategically, I do like what some of the other websites have done more, which is using the homepage as a way to introduce themselves and show off their personalities. I think Bridgette’s strategy is good if her target audience is people who don’t really know what a VA is. However, if someone’s on your VA website, presumably, they are interested in using your services already. It’s a matter of strategy and preference, but it’s something worth noting.

22. Purplet Violet Virtual Assistants

purple violet business support virtual assistant website example

What we like: Purple Violet is a virtual assistant website catered to women entrepreneurs with ADHD. This is a business-oriented website, which shows how professional the structure is. Everything you need is right on the homepage, with a big CTA to ‘book a free consultation.’

I like the website design overall because it’s well-organized and straightforward. However, I think that this website could more effectively use whitespace to its advantage. Whitespace should be intentional to highlight a specific point. Here, I feel as though it’s wasting space in some places.

I also think that the ‘Book a Free Consultation’ you see on the homepage should be clickable to maximize the CTA and the headers could be adjusted to create a clearer visual hierarchy. The word ‘ADHD’ clashes with the darker part of the laptop, which takes away from the overall impact of the headline.

23. Becky VA

Becky virtual assistant website example

What we like: Becky’s virtual assistant homepage specifically caters to small business owners looking to spend more time growing their businesses. The website uses an engaging but subtle color palette of hot pink, light pink, salmon, and eggshell white. This helps convey the message that you’ll be working with a person who is friendly and experienced.

There’s a lot to like about this website. Right off the bat, the CTA’s in the top right corner and middle of the page stand out because of the hot pink text border against the white background. I also love the logo, as it’s an extra point of emphasis on Becky’s professionalism. There are also testimonials, a description of services, and contact information you can get by scrolling down the page.

Overall, this is a simple website that draws your attention to all the right places without needing the bold visuals of some of the other websites on this list. This is a great example for experienced people with less to prove and want to build a sleek, modern website.

24. Tara Shea

tara shea virtual assistant website example

What we like: Tara Shea’s homepage immediately challenges the visitor. “What will you do with the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss?” This tagline is front and center, with no distractions in sight. This is a cool way of skipping the step of the customer asking, “Why Tara?” and establishing that they can trust her with their business.

The homepage is organized well, with a header and six menu options, as well as social media icons to the right to provide a means to get in touch with Tara.

This is another website that effectively ticks off all the boxes. The use of a personable pink, along with effective whitespace, really helps draw attention to the copy and visuals that Tara wants you to look at. The copy, in particular, is creative and challenges visitors to think for themselves rather than just talking at them.

There are multiple different options to get in contact with Tara, and also to engage with her contact. This strategy effectively captures multiple different audiences. There are also customer testimonials paired with pictures to drive home the fact that this is a website for individuals and small businesses. You matter.

25. Elite Virtual Assistants

elite virtual assistant website example

What we like: Elite Virtual Assistants is a virtual assistant agency that connects you to a virtual assistant for your business. The website uses an aquamarine-white-dark brown color scheme for a more subdued approach. Since this is an agency and not a personal virtual assistant, the layout is more professional to show that sense of reliability I’ve mentioned before.

This website does everything right. The ‘Get Started’ CTA contrasts well against the darker background. There are engaging visuals to show why you might need a VA and what Elite Virtual Assistant’s VAs can do for you. There’s also a header at the top with social media icons such as contact links, a phone number, and email.

This is a good example of how to build a VA agency website that’s optimized for conversions.

26. Jessica Hawks

Jessica Hawks virtual assistant website example

What we like: Jessica Hawks is a personal VA, and you can tell by how the website is customized with engaging visuals and overall content. I’ve mentioned this before, but as an individual VA (compared to an agency), you want to display your personality. This is because your audience is likely small-medium-sized businesses or individuals who want someone friendly and approachable.

The reason someone would want to work with you instead of an agency is because of who you are as an individual. After all, if customers want to display their personality through their business website, they’ll need to see how you do it for yourself. This website is flashy and engaging and effectively uses whitespace to draw attention to Jessica’s courses and other offerings.

Jessica Hawks’ website is well-designed at every step of the way. She has effective social proof with big-name websites and magazines she’s been featured in, glowing customer testimonials, and three CTAs to engage with her content. I really have no notes here. If you’re an individual looking to build a VA website, here’s how you do it.

27. Jennie Lyon

jennie lyon virtual assistant website example

What we like: Jennie Lyon is an established Virtual Assistant in the space. This is an old-school website design with categories at the top and a pop-up window at the bottom right to schedule a free call. These are effective ways to engage with your audience and lead to conversions.

I do like this website overall, but I think that it is a little too “busy.” The text in the middle feels clumped together, and there’s not enough whitespace between the two CTA’s of ‘Schedule a Free Call’ and ‘Call 772-485-9154.’ There’s also one too many clashing colors for the color scheme of blue and white. I’d pick either yellow or orange and use that color more selectively when I really want to drive a point home.

28. Advance Virtual Assistants

Advance virtual assistant website example

What we like: Advance Virtual Assistants is run by Paula, a DOO and business owner. This website is fairly straightforward in its design. There’s a stock background image and a header introducing Paula to visitors. I like the header with dropdown menus to save space effectively.

My one note for this website would be to consider changing the highlight from ‘Login’ to ‘Contact’ since you want to draw attention to the CTA for new visitors. Return customers will try to find the login button since they presumably have an account. Highlighting the ‘Contact’ button could be a simple way of driving more customers to get in touch.

29. Assistance by Annie

assistance by annie virtual assistant website example

What we like: Assistance by Annie uses a soothing approach to its website design. The soft pink flowers and approachable font usage convey the message of an individual who is friendly and professional. This website’s visuals aren’t as engaging as some of the other personal VA websites I’ve put up here, but they still do the job effectively.

This website could do a better job of maximizing whitespace and highlighting the CTA. There’s a lot of potential here. Remember that an effective use of whitespace means using it to draw attention to a single aspect of the website. This homepage has whitespace, but it doesn’t feel intentional to draw attention to any particular part of the site. The contact button is also just there without anything to specifically highlight it.

30. Virtual Gurus

virtual gurus virtual assistant website example

What we like: Virtual Gurus is an agency website that connects you with a virtual assistant for your business. The homepage uses a blue-gray, dark green, and orange color palette to create a visually stunning website. Once again, you can feel the difference between this website and one for an individual virtual assistant. There is a sense of professionalism here, but the muted colors make this one of the more visually appealing agency websites on my list.

I love this website for a couple of reasons. The CTA is brilliantly contrasted with the blue-gray background. But what really makes it unique is how the font of the menu header is the same color as the background for the ‘Book a Consult’ CTA. This really helps draw your attention to the CTA without being too in your face about it.

Building Your Own Virtual Assistant Website

With a visually appealing and user-friendly website, you can captivate potential clients, enhance navigability, and foster trust. Utilize high-quality visuals, create a seamless navigation experience, and include personal touches that showcase your expertise and build credibility. By implementing these strategies, you can create a compelling virtual assistant website that attracts clients and helps you stand out in a competitive market.

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